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Fibroblast plasma Treatments

Fibroblast Plasma Treatments


Skin tightening without surgery

Holistic approach to natural beauty and perfection

New revolutionary procedure


Full face treatments


Treat cheeks, around the eyes and sunspots.

More than one treatment may be necessary for

 results like this.

Upper and under eye treatments


Treat above eyes, under eyes and crow's feet

Upper and lower lip treatments


Get rid of "smoker's" lines and unsightly deep wrinkles around your mouth

Neck and jowl treatments


Treat the sagging skin and lines at your jowl and neckline

Cheek and Nasolabial fold treatments


No more "marionette" lines, dark spots and saggy skin

About Fibroblast Plasma


Fibroblast Plasma Non-surgical Skin Tightening

Fibroblast Plasma is a non-surgical skin tightening, sublimation therapy. The fibroblast plasma probe emits a flash which produces a carbonization  or sublimation affect that shrinks the upper layer of the skin immediately.  This transfers a small amout of sublimation to the deeper layers of the skin, which stimulates the Fibroblasts, creating tightening, collagen and skin regeneration.


Not just for Women

Men too can see amazing results . Because men shave, they don't show the effects of aging in the same areas as women.  But most men have lines and wrinkles on their forehead and around their eyes. Fibroblast is an amazing option for these areas.


Stretch marks and other imperfections

Stretch marks, saggy skin and other problem areas can also be treated with Fibroblast Plasma. There are no limits to what can be done. Results like this may take 2-3 treatments.

Menu / Price List

All results differ and this treatment may not suitable for everyone. For maximum results it may take 2-3 treatments.

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